Rubbletown is the common slang term for the Ambercrest slums, so named because more of the walls and old buildings have crumbled into rubble than in other parts of the city. The term can be used in a derogatory manner, but when spoken by Rubbletown residents it can also be used to assert credibility.

Life in Rubbletown is difficult and even less glamorous than life in most other parts of Ambercrest. Surprisingly, residents of the area rarely struggle with crime: it is usually the rich, middle-class, or witless travelers who wander into Rubbletown who are targeted by thieves. This is because of Daggerpalm‘s protection policy, whereby Ambercrest residents pay a small yearly fee to keep his thugs from stealing from them and in turn earn their protection from other threats. This fee is much steeper for wealthier citizens and merchants, so those outside of Rubbletown typically don’t pay it and simply try to avoid the area. When Daggerpalm’s men pull a successful heist off an unprotected merchant, they distribute a portion of the spoils among those who have purchased protection, so most Rubbletown residents don’t complain or question the gangster’s activities. Daggerpalm has been quoted as saying “It’s about buildin’ community, see” and “It’s awfully fair, really, quite generous, know what I’m sayin’? Aw, fogeddaboudit.”

Most people in Rubbletown have difficult and low-paying jobs, if they are employed at all. Traditionally they have been able to scrape by between Daggerpalm’s heist spoils and Lord Hallodawn’s charity, but some believe accepting these to be dishonorable, and while times have been getting harder for everyone recently the people of Rubbletown have been hit hardest. As a result of wheat shortages, some people, usually young ones, have left the town to try their hand at farming their own food. Few that left have returned.

The most notable places in Rubbletown are the Ambercrest Arcane Academy and Daggerpalm’s hideout, stationed in the crumbling remains of a former lord’s house. Not many know of its location, and even fewer would dare say.


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