Hallodawn may refer to Ambercrest’s House of Hallodawn or any aristocrats of its bloodline, including the current Lord Hallodawn, his wife Bonmalia Hallodawn, and his children Clarity Hallodawn and Jacobi Hallodawn. The Hallodawn crest is a black morningstar.

The House of Hallodawn is known for its relatively pacifistic practices and piety. While the Hallodawn family traditionally only prays to one deity, the house is generally accepting and accommodating of other worshipers as well. In a city nicknamed the Godless City, they are the only significant and organized center of religion. Though Hallodawn keeps a small corps of guards, they are primarily trained in defensive combat and healing.

The Hallodawns are generally viewed as the most fastidious of the Ambercrest Aristocracy, and in recent memory they have mostly kept to themselves politically and socially.

The current Hallodawn succession would proceed to Bonmalia, then Jacobi, and then Clarity.


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