Tag: Ambercrest underground


  • Daggerpalm

    A middle-aged halfling known to hold de facto power over the [[Ambercrest]] slums. His reputation is highly contested: some consider him a benevolent godfather with a morality outside of the aristocracy's laws, while others think of him as nothing more …

  • Silvia Feykin

    Silvia Feykin is a stealthy eladrin woman who has observed the party on several occasions. She works for [[:daggerpalm]] and with her calm disposition prefers diplomacy to combat. Little is known about her personal life or motivation. She appears to …

  • Brok Greyfang

    Brok is a hot-headed and combative thug who works for [[:daggerpalm]]. Diplomacy is not his strong suit, for he prefers a policy of "kill first, ask questions later." This attitude is a constant source of tension between him and [[:silvia]].