Caenesh Sunderil


Caenesh Sunderil is the current head of the Arcane Academy’s Council of Mages in Ambercrest. She is a dignified, dark-haired eladrin wizard of indeterminate age and well renowned among the magical community for her skillful enchantments.

As much as she enjoys and excels at enchantments, she frowns upon mages who use magic out of laziness and still performs most mundane tasks with physical, worldly methods when possible. Above all else she prizes the academic study of magic and innovative spellwork — using the proper precautions and methodology, of course. Most of all, she despises those who lend out their magical skills for money.

Sunderil knows her place in Ambercrest, and that is the Academy spire alone. She never ventures into Rubbletown or the rest of the city, and nor do most of the other wizards. Consequently, most Ambercrest citizens have no concept of the inner workings of the Academy. She has occasionally traveled out of the spire using its teleportation runes, but typically only with the destination of another academic institution. Fieldwork is a chore to her and she prefers to study books. The already expansive library has grown under her guidance.

Sunderil tries to lead the Academy in fair and honest practices. A utilitarian at heart, she has not seen the need to alter the composition of the Council of Mages in many years.

Caenesh Sunderil

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