Captain Magruk


Captain Magruk was an apparently well-respected orc who suffered a mysterious brain injury. It remains unclear what caused the injury or why his two remaining loyal soldiers appeared unaware of either the physical or mental damage dealt by it. He also had a loyal pet drake named Raptilian, better known as Rapty. They both died after a confrontation with the adventuring party.

The captain and his two soldiers all had scraps of matching white cloth hanging off of their armor. They appeared to have been ripped off deliberately. Upon the discovery of his journal, the party learned that Captain Magruk was Talonguard’s Captain of External Affairs. The journal revealed that Magruk was a very ambitious and accomplished captain who was well-liked by his guard. He also mentioned that Brok Greyfang is his cousin, and Magruk thoroughly disapproves of his involvement with Daggerpalm.

Primarily detailing routine drills and rounds, the most recent entries date to about 5 months ago. These chronicle Magruk’s pursuit of a gang of “honorable thieves” disrupting a high profile caravan traveling between Moorhaven and Port Avain. “Though strictly not related to Talonguard interests, should the Captain of External Affairs let such deeds go unpunished, it would reflect very poorly on the house’s reputation,” Magruk wrote He pursued them west through swamplands, where he aided a local hero in apprehending their leader in Manorshade. There he heard bone-chilling tales of a place called the “Old Capitol.” He considered it his duty to further improve Talonguard’s reputation in far-off lands, and set off in hopes of saving it from evil. The last pages of the journal are missing, and they were clearly not ripped out in the same way as the chunks missing from the troll.

Captain Magruk

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