Lord Hallodawn


Lord Avery Hallodawn is the current head of the house of Hallodawn, where he lives with his wife Bonmalia Hallodawn and two adult children Clarity Hallodawn and Jacobi Hallodawn. He is an aged man, considered calm and kind but not weak. He and his house are popular among the small but growing religious community in Ambercrest, and even some residents of Rubbletown have been known to say that “that Hallodawn ain’t awful — for a lord anyway, but that’s not saying much.”

Avery’s long years as Lord of the Hallodawn house have not been marked by innovation or reform, but simple consistency has served the house well. Among his inherited traditions are religious services that serve worshipers of various gods and small stipends of grain to needy Ambercrest citizens. In addition to boosting the house’s popularity, these also result in the Hallodawns being more aware of goings-on in Ambercrest outside of the gentry; however, their association with the lower classes has also caused some criticism from haughtier aristocrats. In recent months, Hallodawn grain handouts have been significantly reduced, though he asserts that this is due to grain deflation.

Though known for fastidious and charity, Avery is still a lord, and the Hallodawns live quite comfortably.

Lord Hallodawn

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